Smart contracts are beyond mind boggling in concept.  Aside from disrupting the traditional business agreement by reducing risk and improving efficiency via cryptographic proofs, they can pull in multiple data sources (on chain and off chain), adjust in real-time and perform the instructed outcome according to those multiple data sources.  What is even more insane is that not only will the traditional world of business change forever, IoT and pretty much any physical item, sensor, thing or interaction can have a smart contract initiate between the devices, have a set of instructions or verify anything even if simple in an if/then or a pass or fail format, time stamped at blazing speed.  And those outcomes again via cryptographic proof can be used to make business decisions and combine into other smart contracts in an infinite number of permutations that are immutable.

This site is meant to be really musings, some news, philosophical ideas about the blockchain and smart contracts in particular.  Let's see where this goes.  

About me:

-I was working on a form of business agreement consensus in a web 2.0 format from 2012-2014.  Referrals.com started as a way to send business referrals via email and then a method to close the loop and generate a "referral graph" based on trust and business efficiency/completion/rankings.  I was absolutely obsessed with the problem solve of reaching consensus in a business agreement and thought that initiating between trusted parties and graphing it out was the answer. When I started getting my mind around smart contracts and PoS on the blockchain I was blown away and this arena is clearly where business agreements will be disrupted forever.

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